Deutsch Dabrówka (Nowy Sacz) Polenącz

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Deutsch Dabrówka (Nowy Sacz) Polen

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Eine kleine ev. Gemeinde in Nowy Sacz kümmert sich um den Erhalt und die Pflege des alten deutschen Friedhofs. :) Diese Gemeinde freut sich auf Unterstützung.
Wer hat Vorfahren aus diesem Ort in Polen?

Bernd Serwatka
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Re: Deutsch Dabrówka (Nowy Sacz) Polen

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Eine Email aus Deutsch Dabrówka (Nowy Sacz) Polen

Helo Sir best regards from Nowy Sącz

Becourse of Catholik remembrance day we made some action at Cementary in Dabrówka to remind people about their forgotten neighbours. In Facebook we made nice campaign about forgotten cementary in Nowy Sącz. I am sending link there was local tv ... ch-pamięta

We made olso few article in local newspaper. We are happy becouse few people respond to help us with bring back cementary to right look. So I am glad that something is changing unfortunatly new fance we will make after winter becouse now it s too late:(

In this month we want to make inventory of cementary there are still surnames at graves. Secondly we are searching for documents from parish in Deutch Dombrowka probably in central archiw in Krakow should be list of people from ewangelic parish. This are thing that we can do without costs etc:) so we will make it quite fast. Now is the question Can You help us to make some action with some Germans/Galizian organisation? there are two ideas one is after inventory we need someone to try find familys or people goodwill to adopt grave send money to repair it maybe there are still familys in Germany from Deutch Dombrowka or Nowy Sacz. Secondly question is if everything will go ok we will make fence, we will organise school to cary on etc Can You help us to find some organisation which will be interesting to make memorial? we will try to find money but ofcourse it will great to make it togheter!!! Litle Parish in Nowy Sącz is just 20 people it s not enough:( I will inform You about all ideas and steps.

Best regards


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